Alexander Watson Insulation

Here at Alexander Watson Insulation we are a Canberra based company that specialises in natural insulation. For over 5 years we have been steadfast in our commitment to providing unrivalled insulation to customers throughout Canberra and surrounding areas.

More than your average insulation contractors, here at Alexander Watson Insulation we are dedicated to proper insulation that will not only improve your heating and cooling costs, but also reduce the impact we have on the environment.

Why Insulate?

A poorly insulated home is not only expensive to run, but as 38% of energy used in home is for heating and cooling, it contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions and thereby the impact we have on the environment.

Our Materials :

Here at Alexander Watson Insulation our team has over 15 years in the industry and it is this experience that has led us to choosing Termico® Ecowool® products, including insulation ceiling batts, acoustic batts and wall batts.

Termico® Ecowool® products are much more than your average insulation, they are:

Efficient – Brilliantly engineered, Termico® Ecowool® is made from glass mineral wool and is designed to have the highest levels of insulation, both thermal and acoustic.

Eco-Friendly – Made from recycled glass, is a sustainable and environmentally conscientious alternative to conventional insulation materials. Termico® Ecowool® products have a longer installed lifetime and save over 100 times the amount of energy than is expended in their manufacture and transport.

Safe – Termico® are the leaders in safe insulation products; Ecowool® is safe to handle as it is free from harmful chemicals, produce less dust, softer to the touch and less itchy than conventional insulation products.

Fire Safe – Made from non-combustible materials, Termico® Ecowool® is totally fireproof.

The next time you are looking for an insulation contractor whether you are insulating a new build or re-insulating your current home, choose the team from Alexander Watson Insulation, the insulation company with a difference.